Race day, record breaking weather?

With low winds and sunshine on this 48th edition will we see the record held by Sean Rice broken? Mads Brandt Pedersen has been  quite close to Sean Rice’s time last year. Falling short only one minute and nine seconds away. The circumstances are favorable, the little wind there is will be pushing the athletes in their backs for a big part of the course today.

Who ever wins today, Mads brandt Pedersen, Hamish Lovemore Jeremy Candy, Adrian Boros, Stephane Boulanger or Miguel Lorenss, too many big guns to mention, will have a fair chance today.

For the ladies we expect a fierce battle between Zsofi-Czellai Voros and Krisztina Bedocs, who will now start along with the master men which will change the dynamics of wash riding for the top women competitors. “The master men will provide us with bigger waves then the light and fast junior boys.” as Zsofi stated.

List of fastest race times

47th edition 2019 Mads Brandt Pedersen: 1:38:11.17

46th edition 2018 Jose Leonel Ramalho  : 1:37:28.36

45th edition 2017 Sean Rice: 1:36:52.17

44th edition 2016 Jose Leonel Ramalho: 1:43.09.71

43rd edition 2015 Tim Pendle: 1:40:16.5

42nd edition 2014 Jose Leonel Ramalho: 1:42:15.4

41st edition 2013 Joep van Bakel:

40th edition 2012 Manuel Busto Fernandez: 1:42:16.00

39th edition 2011 Manuel Busto Fernandez: 1:40: 20.00

38th edition 2010 Joep van Bakel: 1:46:41.00

47th edition 2019 Zsofi Czellai Voros: 1:44:09.92

46th edition 2018 Lizzie Broughton : 1:47:52.54

World class athletes for the 48th edition

We are happy to confirm that our friends and top athletes will compete in our race. Until now we can confirm; Jeremy Candy and Quentin Urban (world champions k2),  Adrian Boros vice world champion k2,  current world champion Mads Brandt Pedersen, and vice world champion Zsófia Czéllai Vörös competing in the 48th edition.

Would you like to try your chances against the best of the world? Join us on the 16th of april 2022

Mads Brandt Pedersen

Jeremy Candy and Quentin Urban

Zsófia Czéllai Vörös

Adrian Boros

16th of april 2022- 48th edition

With the circumstances and regulations easing, the 48th will finally take place!

The 16th of april the race for all categories is open; the 23 kilometer race with two portages for all seniors (men and women) and the 14 kilometer race with one portage for juniors.

A total of 2. 000 euro in price money will be divided and a start fee for the first five top 10 world paddlers to register is available.

The entry page is now online!

flyer 2022

48th edition in 2022- decision postponed

Dear paddlers,

Under the current COVID regulations the Dutch government have declared, organizing a large scale event is not possible. We sincerely hope that this changes soon in such a manner that we will still be able to organize the 48th edition on the 30th of april 2022. This decision is until now impossible to make and will therefore be revisited by the end of January.

You are being missed!

Amsterdam Waterland Marathon 2021 CANCELLED!

Due to the continued Covid-19 related restrictions the race board of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon decided to CANCEL the 2021 edition. The health and safety concerns surrounding the Corona virus as well as the global travel restrictions, make it impossible to organize a competition at the desired high international level.
We are very disappointed, especially for all participants, volunteers and sponsors.

At this moment we wish all the very best to everybody involved in the world and we hope to see you in 2022 for the 48th edition, finally.

1st Online Amsterdam Waterland Marathon

Inspired by Australian Paddle Sports Virtual Kayaking tour we have decided to host our 1st international online marathon.

How does it work? Go kayaking, or use an ergometer. Paddle for 24 kilometers with two portages or 14 kilometers with one portage for junior and save your time when you reach the 24 or 14 kilometer mark.

Our race classes are:
Short distance 14 kilometers
-Junior women K1
-Master/ Veteran women K1

Long distance 23 kilometers:
-Junior men K1
-Senior women K1
-Senior men K1
-Master men K1

Done? Then email your time to: info@amsterdamcanoemarathon.com

For the winners of this race small prices are available to be picked up at the 48th Amsterdam Waterland Marathon at 17th of april in 2021.


Amsterdam Waterland Marathon 2020 !!CANCELLED!!

Due to safety and health concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus as well as the global travel restrictions, the race board from the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon decided to CANCEL the race for 2020.
We are very disappointed, especially for all participants, volunteers and sponsors.

At this moment we wish all the very best to everybody involved in the world we hope to see you in 2021.
Stay safe!

On behalf of the complete race board.

Edwin de Nijs.

New: Nelo boat rental

Are you travelling long distance, not being able to bring your own boat? With the help of Nelo kayaks we can now help you to join our race in the best boat available, with the Nelo Boat rental service!

The full range of the top of the line construction boats are available for rental, in perfect condition for racing.

In the following link you will find more information on the Nelo boat rental service