Start Location

There are two different starting locations.

The 24 kilometer race for all seniors and the masters men starts at the North-Hollands canal. The start location where the combined mass start is located about 2 km from the clubhouse. The start will take place at 13:00.
The address of this start location is the bycicle path next to the Slochterweg, Amsterdam.
Be advised, driving a motorised vehichle on a bycicle path is not permitted however in our experience over the years no spectator has ever been ticketed for this.

We advise racing participants to depart around 12:30 to the start location.

The juniors ladies and junior gentlemen start takes place in the town of Monnickendam about 7km away from the mens start around 13.00
Transport capacity to the starting location is limited, there is a boat trailer and transportation bus driving from the canoe club (max 8 persons ).
Please take care of your own transport to the location as our capacity is very limited.
The address of this start location is: Kloosterdijk 2, Monnickendam

We recommend to change into competition clothes before the transport to the starting location. The transport to the start leaves around 12:00, right after the team leaders meeting.