Race classes

The Amsterdam Waterland Marathon has two race distances for six categories of competition. The main race consists of a course of 24 km. As of 2018 the senior ladies race this long distance along with the senior men and masters. Since the 47th edition of 2019, the junior men will also start the long distance race.

Start times and race classes
Start 1 – 13:00 (23.6km)
• Senior women
• Masters men and women
• Junior (16+) women

Start 2 – 13:20 (23.6km)
• Senior men
• Junior (16+) Men

Start 3 – 13.10 (14km short race – different starting location)
• Junior (16-) Women
• Junior (16-) Men
• Masters women (recreational)

Surfski’s and other boats are welcome to join the race, there is no competition class for Surfski’s or boat categories paddling outside the above stated race classes.

Price money is only available at a minimum of six participants per official category.