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47th edition – New long distance race for junior men

For the 47th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon the junior men are invited to race the long distance race!

After letting the senior women race along with the senior men we received the suggestion to let the junior men race the long distance race as well. Looking back at the 46th edition we consider the senior women in the long distance race a big success, we would like to give the junior men the same opportunity. Junior men are also allowed to race the short distance race as a non-official race.

This means that we will have two long distance starts and one short distance start.

Start 1 – 13:00 (23km)
• Senior women / masters
• Masters men
• Junior women

Start 2 – 13:20 (23km)
• Senior men
• Junior Men

Start 3 – 13:30 Short course (14 km)
• Junior women
• Masters  women

•Junior men (unofficial race)

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