Challenging elements in 50th edition of Amsterdam Waterland Marathon.

The 50th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon presented some of the harshest conditions in the past decade for all athletes. The weather played a significant role, with gale-force winds of 5 Beaufort, hailstorms, and heavy rain showers proving to be formidable challenges for all paddlers.

Despite the adverse conditions, James Russell emerged victorious in the final sprint, outpacing his competitors Jose Leonel Ramalho and Jeremy Candy. Russell’s dedication to early-season sprint training paid off handsomely. The race initially saw a tightly contested lead group comprising eight paddlers, including Quentin Urban, Jeremy Candy, Miguel Llorens, and Philip Knudsen. The presence of so many top athletes at our start line is a rare sight in recent years.

The race began at a blistering pace, only relenting slightly after the first portage. The headwinds posed difficulties even for the world elite paddlers. The second portage, an iconic feature of the race, proved more challenging than ever, with some marsh sections nearly indistinguishable from the canals due to continuous rain in preceding weeks.

Following the second portage, the tempo decreased significantly. In the wide and deep North Holland canal, the lead group engaged in a tactical game, with no one seizing a clear advantage until the final sprint.

In the senior women’s category, Zsofi-Czellai Voros took an early lead, paddling alongside the master men’s chasing group. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t match her pace, allowing Voros to maintain her lead comfortably until the end. Pernille Hostrup secured second place, followed by Tania Alvarez Yates in third.

Joep van Bakel clinched victory in the masters men’s category, staying ahead of the competition and securing a medal for the Netherlands. Torben Thomsen finished second, with Matthew Enoch John taking third place.

The junior men’s race witnessed an exceptionally fast pace, with Candela Leonardo and Joseph Enoch Michael finishing just behind the fastest masters men. Their times would have placed them in the top 20 of the senior men’s category. Alexander Worgan claimed third place, showcasing promising talent for the future of marathon paddling.

In the junior women’s race, Moa Nilsson Maria Nike, Kamila Sklenarova, and Beatrice Candela comprised the top three finishers.

Elias Geike won the boys’ race, and Lucie-Marie Horch emerged victorious in the women’s race for the short course event.

The 50th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon will be remembered for its challenging conditions and resilient athletes. Organizers hope for a sunnier, warmer, and windless 51st edition.

Special thanks to our sponsors: De Coogh Funderingstechnieken, Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem and Nelo Kayaks, whose generous support made the event possible. We also extend our gratitude to our event suppliers Orange Rentaland Gomes.

The official results are available below.
50th edition Amsterdam Waterland Marathon results

Check out this post-race video made by Keith Moule from Great Britain. Our own official movie race report will follow soon!

Last info 50th edition

 Race information 50th edition

Please read this information for the 50th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon:

  • The race office will be open from 09.00 until 11.00. Make sure to pick up your number.
    11.00 the numbers that have not been piked up will be distributed among those on the waiting list!
  • Entry fee is EUR 10. We also ask for a EUR 10 deposit for your number. Please bring it back to get your refund. Cash payments are easier and therefore preferred.
  • Team leaders meeting will be at 11.45.
  • There will be two starts for the long distance. Men junior and senior will start at 13.20. All other race categories will start at 13.00.
  • Short distance race will start at 13.10.
  • Paddle to the start of the long distance race is about 2.5 km from the Viking canoe club.
    Boat transport to the start of the short distance will depart 12.00. Make sure to put your put your boat on the big trailer in front of the boathouse.
  • We will stop time registration at 16.15. Make sure to finish before then 😉
  • Prize ceremony will be around 16.45.

Competition is at your own risk. We expect cold water temperatures and high winds, dress appropiately!

Find the short distance GPS course here (GPX file)

Find the long distance GPS course here  (GPX file)

The preliminary start list can be found hereWLM Official registrations list 2024