Race report – Leonel Ramalho and Lizzie Broughton win 46th edition!

Leonel Ramalho has taken the victory in the 46th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon in a time of, just one minute above last years track record. Leonel took the win in the final sprint staying just ahead of Stephane Boulanger and Adrian Boros.

46th edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon – 2018 from Kanovereniging Viking on Vimeo.

The mass start with over 100 people turned out rather chaotic, even killing the chances to win the race for one of the favourites Sean Rice who capsized at the starting line. Despite this bad luck Sean managed to get the 8th place as one of the first coming in from the chasing group.
With the bottleneck section under the bridge after one kilometre we could see different big packs of racers, a leading pack with four French, Ramalho and Boros. The French group of Stephane Boulanger, Quentin Urban, Jeremy Candy and Edwin Lucas had the advantage of their numbers making it possible to dominate a big section of the race.

Lizzie Broughton has managed to win yet another edition of the Amsterdam Waterland Marathon in the final sprint. Setting the first ever senior ladies long distance time at Only one of the master men, Joep van Bakel, has been able to beat this time. So we can easily say that the top ladies have given many men a very tough race! In a post-race interview Lizzie stated:
“The start was interesting, super wavy .The narrow section just behind the tunnel I had to turn to survival mode to get through the waviest section I’ve ever raced on. Sofia took the lead in the first bit, but I managed to catch up after four kilometres by using the waves of some of the guys. I’m a happy kayaker now to race along with the men and taking home yet another win! It’s the fifth consecutive time that Lizzie managed to win this race!

The master men category was won by freshman Master Joep van Bakel. The first Dutch competitor to finish with the time of 01.42.02,79. A time that would have placed him in the 14th spot overall, a big achievement! Second in the master category came in Dutch Olaf Heijne with the ‘master of masters’ Erik Verduyckt taking a third place in the masters category.

For the junior men Matthias Majores took home this years’ win with the second place for Olivier Ost and in third Sakke Mattila. The long journey the Finnish team has made to race at the Marathon has proven successful with that third place for Sakke.

Looking back at this year’s race Keith Moule, who raced for the sixth year in a row said :”It’s the best warm up race for the international racing season, some guys have had assessment races by now, so it’s a good early test, and you get to race with some of the best guys of many different countries. I will be back next year!”

All of this has been made possible by the generous contribution of our sponsors: De Coogh Funderingstechnieken, Kanocentrum Arjan Bloem and Nelo Kayaks. Another big thanks for our event suppliers Gomes, Red Bull and Vaikobi Ocean Performance.

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2018 Official Results WLM 46th edition

Record breaking weather!?

Race day! Perfect weather for racing, almost no wind and not as hot as yesterday. Will this be record breaking weather again?

Up until now athletes from 18 different nations with new paddlers form Estonia and Luxemburg!

12.00 Team leaders meeting.
13.00 starting time

Race entry closes at 11.30!

UPDATED – Unofficial startlist

A new update of the (unofficial) startlist for our 46th edition. We can already see that the long distance race for the women is in high demand, we are very pleased to see this. We look forward how the ladies will make the guys race a hard one, give them boys a hard race girls!

For the real time start list please use your paddleguru account and check the start list in the Race entry section of this website.

2018 Un-Official Startlist v1 goed

New distance choice for senior ladies!

After many requests we have decided that senior ladies can join the longer distance race, they will be put in a separate category and start along with all the guys in the mass start. We think the ladies will proof tough competition for many of the men in our race and we hope those ladies who choose the longer track will enjoy racing along with the guys.

This longer distance is a try-out for the organisation and every female competitor can choose freely if she wishes to race the long (21km) or shorter distance (16km).